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Board Chairman & NED Recruitment

When it comes to navigating strategic change, seizing opportunities and effectively managing risks, an elite board of high-calibre Chairman is an organisation’s strongest asset. In today’s rapidly changing UK landscape, marked by digital disruption and shifting societal expectations, non-executive directors (NEDs) bring unparalleled value, offering fresh perspectives and invaluable experience to organisations of any sector or size.

Why Choose Our Executive and Board Member Search Practice?

At Metier, we ensure we identify and recruit sector-leading leadership teams for our clients, whether that’s through identifying the skills gaps, opportunities and risks within your business or building an ideal CEO Group Chair or NED candidate profile. We understand what complementary skills and experience a high-calibre Chair or NED should have to add value to your business, including financial management, governance and risk management, strategy, operations, advising trustees and leadership succession.

Strengthen your organisation's success with exceptional leadership. Contact us today and our team will work closely to appoint the best Chairmen for your organisation and stakeholders. Alternatively, if you're looking to undertake a new exciting Chairperson opportunity with the responsibility this entails, visit our chairman jobs page.

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